Saturday, June 30, 2012

Private Schools and Public Schools

Why do Private Schools Have the Upper Hand in the Battle against the Public Ones?

There isn’t a more joy-filled moment in your life than witnessing the birth of your child. That’s when your life really starts to make sense, that’s when you see things more clearly and realize that until then, you didn’t actually have a purpose. As every protective parent, you want to make sure that he will grow up in the best conditions and learn all the essential lessons that will help him later on, when he’ll be on his own feet.

There is no better way to get educated than going to school. But while at the public ones, you can never be sure how much your child actually learns, at private schools you know that your child won’t just be “one of many”. Because the classes only have about 20 pupils, teachers can focus on the education of each individual, helping him overcome whatever difficulties he might have in learning.

At private schools, the pupils will never feel lost or neglected. The teachers practically become mentors and while at public schools, if your child would perform poorly, he would just be switched to a different class, at the private schools, he is encouraged and helped to improve and get over his difficulties.

Also, it’s easier for the pupils to get excited about their classes, when they know that they’ll be able to do more practice than theory. Teachers from public schools normally spend months telling their pupils why X is not Y and why Z is better and while the Earth is spinning around, while the private schools usually have better equipped laboratories, featuring the newest technology – this means, instead of focusing on long and boring theories, the children will actually experiment all those things themselves.

Sure, theory is always needed, but the excesses hurt. The reason why their laboratories are better is that these schools have strong development teams who manage to attract alumni support, making great use of all their resources.

Because there will be few children in class, the number of the conflicts between them will be visibly smaller, because teachers will be able to have a better control of the situation. Small groups are stronger in terms of relationships and chances are that if your child is sociable, he’ll become friends with many. Practically, they will all learn and grow up together, just like a family.

If you want what’s best for your child, then you have to make sure that he will receive the best education private school or private college. Because the public schools aren’t individually focused, but take the members of the class as a whole, they don’t stand a chance in front of the private schools where the teachers’ mission is to make sure that each and every one of his pupils understands everything.
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