Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Filling Out A Successful College Application Essay

With the fierce competition for entry into America's top schools, private colleges, state colleges, and colleges - the college application essay is more important than ever. Although most students dread this daunting task, it is the best way to distinguish yourself from other potential college candidates, let the college or private college get to know you a little through your writing, and make sure to add a personal touch to your application. Winning college admission is sometimes more than just GPA , class rank, and SAT scores.
Universities, colleges, post grad colleges are looking to build student bodies with rich and diverse talents, unique personalities, and strong character. There is no better way to make a first impression and showcase your best qualities through the college application essay.

The first step in writing a winning college application essay is to understand what college admission boards are really looking for in there student bodies. Many students falsely believe that there is a correct answer to the college application essay question, that colleges are expecting the student to show a particular point of view.Contrary to that fact, it is not always what you say, but how you say it that matters to those in higher places.

Some common college application tips-

Is the writing original?
Is the thesis well developed and logically supported?
Is the writing grammatically correct and stylistically pleasing?

These are the highlights the college admission board is likely to have foremost in their minds. Every aspect of the college application essay will state something important about you. Display that you are an orderly,professional, and conscientious student by submitting a neatly typed and/or college application that exactly follows the precise college essay requirements. Do not go overboard placed on length or write on any topic that does not meet the assignment question or prompt. In general, it is best to keep your college essay brief and to the point. Remember, it is not about how much you right, but how well you write and get your point across.

While filling out your college application you should avoid appearing long-winded or superficial in your college application essay. College admission boards can quickly and easily spot an essay that was written simply to fulfill a college admission requirement. Presenting a valid point of view that you truly believe in, the sincerity and relevance of your college essay will come through and everything should fall in place. Do not be afraid to inject some personality or light humor into your college application essay, as this will let the college admissions know a little something of your personality.

Just be sure to keep everything in good taste and context, and that overall the college application essay demonstrates and projects your seriousness and dedication as a student. This is your chance to show that your good grades in English was no mistake, furthermore, a well written and crafted college application essay may help compensate for a disappointing score on your SAT\'s. Most importantly, this is your best chance to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other college applications you are competing against for that ever elusive,exclusive spot in the private college of your choice.